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Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing




Nowadays we get to hear about one term “Artificial Intelligence”. What does it actually mean? Is it any new technology? What are the reasons behind its popularity? How is it helpful to mankind? What is its future in the field of digital marketing? Come on let us take a look over the answers of all the questions.



What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

“The future of agents”

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the insight exhibited by machines. It deals with the study of making machines work like human beings.  It allows machines to conceive, reply to and execute various tasks as human beings. It also assists machines to assimilate from an acquaintance and adapt new inputs. GPS trackers, Voice assistants and home automation systems are few examples of AI.

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing




Why Artificial intelligence is popular?

The reason behind the popularity of AI is the way it helps mankind. It is very helpful to human beings as it saves time, efforts and money.

  1. Artificial Intelligence boosts correctness and records the accurateness and errors due to which efficiency increases.
  2. It examines more and far down data for intelligence.
  3. It magnifies the abilities of different devices by using smart algorithms.
  4. It adjusts with a new input through on going algorithms.


What is its future in the field of digital marketing?



Artificial Intelligence is slowly evolving in the face of digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence is evolving right from Google’s Rank Brain and Voice search to Personal Amazon recommendations. AI is invading the role of humans of recognizing marketing trends and brands.

Artificial Intelligence administers with a competitive edge.

  1. AI helps to understand the audience better.
  2. It enhances user experience. It means AI satisfies the needs and demands of the audience.
  3. AI helps in more effectual marketing. It ends the guesswork and predicting activity.
  4. AI increases productiveness by saving the time, efforts and money of human beings.
  5. AI boosts Return on Investment (ROI). It helps to yield a huge Return on Investment (ROI).
  6. AI helps to produce desirable content. The right audience can be reached by the right message at the right time. It helps to provide the audience with the deals they cannot refuse.


Effect of AI on shopping experience

AI carries the capability to change the way of our shopping. Now the buyers will not have to purchase a product by just looking at pictures. It gives the facility to try the product before purchasing it. AI increases sales and conversions of the product.


Artificial Intelligence and advertising



As mentioned before, AI targets the right audience by the right message at the right time. As a result, it helps to reach a larger audience in minimum time. AI collects data from user, decomposes it and estimate the behavior in the future. That is why digital marketers can easily target audience for the promotion of their business.


Website builders and Artificial Intelligence



AI enhances the manifesto of the website design. A website can be designed by making the use of data collected from user and their interaction. People can discuss the design of their website with Molly the same as Alexa and Siri. FireDrop and Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) are other website design platforms.

FireDrop is a platform where Sacha allows the owner of the website to build the landing pages. Sacha is organized to receive user commands to make the process of design easy. Wix ADI collects the information of a business from the web. It groups the information into different sections and then design webpages.


That’s why, Artificial Intelligence is an unbelievable technology that can fascinate your brand. It provides enhanced user experience and advertises your brand more productively. It helps in evolving the way of building websites and interaction with the customer.



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