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Does Google know more about you than your friends?

Does Google know more about you than your friends?

does google know you better

does google know you better


Today’s lifeline of a business is data. The world today revolves around data. While world moving towards more digital, the information i,e, data now become important and privacy of the people tangibly declined.

We all registered on Gmail, also on social media. All the information right from the name, address, phone number are easily available and it is now easier to get any information about anyone.

Google is today the digital era’s GOD. It is the sea of data. You cant keep hidden from the eye of Google. Google is continuously watching your every move, what you search on the internet, which your video you watch, everything will keep in data. May be google know you better than anyone even than your close friends. But do Google really know about you more than anyone??

Your Personal Profile
Do you remember how you create your Gmail? You need to put your name, address along with your mobile number. Google saves your data into its server.
Nowadays, every phone has facial recognition, google assistance.

With google assistance, Google keeps a log of your audio, voice recordings. That’s why it is more accurate and responds to particular voices. Also, the mobile has a face recognition system.

If you are going to download a new app, after going for installation, app request to access your gallery, address book, call logs and even your current location. That means you are giving access to your personal data to the third party.

Google probably has your all personal details like address, contact details and all other basic information such as birthdate, education, etc. But do you know that your searches are being saved and Google knows what you have searched even month ago?? Google knows when you search for a movie review, food recipe, etc. You are being watched!!

Your Friends and Family

Google knows who your friends are. To who you talk regularly. Google has an algorithm in which it tracks which contacts you talk to the most and will give you a Frequently Contacted List. You might find this list quite accurate. If you remember you give Google access to your contact lists and text messages. If schedule your meeting and mentioned it on Google Calendar, it will remind you before the day your meeting day. It means Google now have your meeting details, to who you are gonna meet and where. Google Calendars gives information on who you meet, and where.

Wherever you’re going

Google has eyes and ears!! It can track your location with the help of Google Maps and GPS network. Google knows where you are traveling, where you have been, and which places you visit the most. It gets the exact location of where you work, live and travel.

Google collects all the information and saves this data in its database for future use. In our opinion, Google probably knows about you than you know yourself. Before acquiring all the data, Google assures you that your data is safe and secured. This data will be used to deliver the information more accurately and precisely.

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