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The Top 6 Social Media Future Trends in 2020

The Top 6 Social Media Future Trends in 2020


Thinking about the perspective of digital marketing is the invariably amusing thing. Daily new tools and technologies are evolving in this rapidly changing world. There is something in everyone’s mind about the future. So here are some of the predictions regarding social media trends in 2020.

6 predictions may come in reality about social media trends in 2020.

  1. Bellwether(Influencer) marketing will develop consistently:


Research is carried out regarding trends in 2020. It reveals that 59% of marketers are planning about boosting their bellwether budget in 2020. Nowadays due to the rapid growth in technologies, the number of consumers is increasing. They are looking for reviews of people close to them and whom they trust before purchasing anything. SMB (Server Message Block) and startups allow small scale brands with slight or without any cost to compete with large scale brands.

  1. E-commerce through social media:

          Ecommerce-Companies-Should-Use-Social-Media-for-MarketingThis is the latest trend that is growing very fast. In the upcoming year 2020, it will burst.

Just a few clicks and the thing is all yours! It means you can purchase anything from anywhere at any time by a few clicks. You just have to select the thing you like, fill the credit card information and purchase it in a fraction of second. Presently, larger brands are ahead in this but 2020 will surely and hopefully bring new opportunities for the growth of smaller brands or setups.

  1. Stories will turn into the marketer’s angel:


Before some days, stories were exclusionary to snapchat but later Facebook and Instagram added the feature of stories. Also, YouTube has added this feature.

This format is essential as it provides viewers with more detail knowledge about any product or service. No one has time to read out the text for the information. Using the story you can give information very easily and quickly to the consumers. This leads to an increase in the possibility of getting conversions.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) will turn into the mainstream:

It is an evolving technology with large scale applications for e-commerce, special offers, etc. There are tons of ways of utilizing AR but its usage is limited because of its technical limitations and cost.

  1. Chatbots:

The chatbot allows multiple people to talk at a time. Some of the current customer services cannot offer this. The growth of Chatbot will take place in 2020 as the brands will not have to reserve the bots bottled answer. This is due to the ability of chatbot of surfing the web to get the answers that consumers are looking for.

  1. Enhanced service for customers:

It is already known that customers get service very easily whenever demanded. This is the other part of chatbots. Although chatbots are not able to answer every question. Time can be saved. Chatbots is still not advanced yet but it will progress in 2020.

Above mentioned are the predicted key areas in the field of social media marketing trends in 2020. It will surely and hope come into existence.


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